Autism and Treatments

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Autism is one of the communication problem developed in the children and there are many such children who have been suffering from this disease. It can be known as the developmental disability that can be caused in the children irrespective of age and they are called ASD which means that Autism Spectrum Disorder. They cannot speak to the people properly and this can help when they move socially and because of this reason they can avoid mingling with other people. They can also face the problems like flipping objects, over smelling, they cannot even touch the objects normally as others can do. They can lose their confidence and start living differently from others.

They cannot speak to the people normally and can have the problems like:

• To share the common attention on any object
• They cannot play with other children of their age
• They cannot understand or able to understand simple things
• They cannot make friends and mingle with others.

Such children need to have more attention and care than any other normal child. There are many counselors that are specialized in speech therapy in Box Hill and initially, the children need to have an observation so that the counselor can identify the issues in the child. Not all the children suffering from autism possess same symptoms and the treatment also differs from child to child based on their disease qualities. Some children can have the problem with the communication skills whereas some others can have behavioral issues. So it can become important for any counselor to evaluate the child and then they can decide to diagnose them in the way they can respond.

There are many speech therapy professionals specially trained for providing various services to those who have been suffering from autism and several other speech disorders. The children suffering from ASD cannot move socially with their fellow beings and they cannot even communicate properly. The pathologists have to perform various test and evaluation programs to know about the children before starting their treatment. They can get the initial details from the parents itself as they are the one who can be always with their child. They have to explain to the counselor about the child’s habits and his or her abnormal behavior.

Based on the condition of the child the pathologist can decide about the treatment and for many cases with the help of medication and diet control, the child can be brought into normal condition. He or she can live normally as other children can do. Sometimes the treatments can be based on the severity of the condition of the child and, in that case, the parents have to cooperate with the counselors. It can be very important for the counselor to maintain a good relation with the child so that they can listen to them and follow their instructions. Regular therapies along with appropriate medication can save the child from these kinds of disorders.

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