Breast Implant Recovery – Tips To Know

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Most women who get breast implants believe that the surgical procedure is the scariest part. However, it is not. Since you will be on anesthesia, you will not feel anything during the procedure. However, the aftermath of the operation is what requires your concern. It is highly important for you to be extremely careful during this period since your body will be adapting itself to the new changes. In this case, the following tips will be definitely helpful.

Be ready for frequent nausea
After the implants are done, you will feel immense pain around the operated area. Thus, you will be prescribed a lot of medications including pain killers. Therefore, you need to be prepared for frequent attacks of nausea. Remember that nausea is not a side-effect of the surgery, but only a side-effects of the drugs that you are using. Therefore, make sure to take the accurate doses. If not, you can easily become dependent on these medications to reduce the pain.

Swelling and discoloration are only temporary
Although not in all cases, usually breast augmentation can lead to certain side-effects such as redness, swelling and discoloration of the breasts. These effects are not dangerous or adverse since they are created due to the body’s natural reaction to the recent changes. In other words, these effects occur due to the stretching of the skin as a result of the implants. Do not fret about these conditions since they can be controlled through the use of skin creams. Only use creams that are prescribed by your surgeon.

Scars are not permanent either
Sometimes, you will have to get incisions during the breast augmentation in Thailand due to compulsory reasons. This procedure can result on scars on your breasts. Do not worry about them since they will eventually fade away. It is important for you to protect these scars from sunlight for a few weeks after the surgery. You can even wear sunscreen to ensure their protection, only after consulting your surgeon. The surgeon might also prescribe you surgical tape or topical gels to reduce the intensity of the scars.

Choose your garments wisely
Just because the surgery is done does not mean that you can run around in a bikini. You need to be very careful what you wear during the aftermath. Since your breasts will be sore and sensitive after the surgery, make sure to wear materials that can cause less sensitivity. Invest on vests, wraps and foam garments since they will be useful for you for a few weeks.
Moreover, do not engage in tiring or stressful activities either. This can put pressure on your breasts and break the implants as a result.

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