Unusual Places To Visit Around The World

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There are so many landmarks to see when visiting different continents. USA’s Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty in New York, or the monuments in Washington, Italy’s Louvre museum , Paris’ Eiffel Tower, the Big Ben in London, the Taj Mahal in India and the Tiger Temple, are just a few examples of what the world have to offer the transient traveler. These are iconic places you must visit, if you have the money and the resources to travel abroad. But they are also some of the most visited and famous places on Earth.
Let’s talk about a few unusual places, the well-seasoned traveler might want to travel to.
The “ROCK” for the Adrenaline Junkies
The “Rock” or the isolated Alcatraz Prison Island that can only be visited by boats and ferries has a mysterious aura to it. While visiting the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, you can take time to visit the island, which was once a military prison and gave home to federal criminals. Famous and dangerous criminals like Al Capone were once imprisoned here. Visiting Alcatraz is for the thrill seeking traveler who may want observe how a prison system used to work.
Harmony with Nature for the Quiet Mind
It was years ago when retirement villages in Auckland North Shore were synonymous with bad care but today, they are beautiful places with well-maintained grounds and soothing natural elements. People in their retirement ages can visit these villages and feel the placidity between nature and the people in it. For those who like the quiet and serene environments, these villages would be ideal to sooth their frazzled minds. While they are known for maintaining their privacy, the interested parties may get the opportunity to visit them.
Lonely Environment for the Romantic Couple
Think of the almost uninhabited Scottish Islands in Scotland that are perfect for a couple on their honeymoon, looking for a getaway from real life. The surrounding nature, the abundant flora and fauna will allow them to forget reality, and soak in the warm sun breeze and enjoy a good time getting to know each other. 

Other Miscellaneous Examples
The nature lover, doesn’t have to go into a deep forest to meditate and enjoy the various aspects of nature. Today, man-made botanical gardens, the local universities, the walking and running paths in the vicinity are all designed and modeled with respect to nature. They may seem ordinary but they are beautiful places to visit.
Today, there are restaurants on rocks or restaurants designed with bathroom ware, or hotels with luxurious tents or hanging bedrooms, wax museums with one’s favorite celebrities and so many creative and novel things in the world for the traveler to experience and enjoy.
These are only a few examples of what the new world, and the old world combined has to offer.

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